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Using Custom Shirts to Advertise

We’ve all seen promotional shirts, most of us have owned one or two over the years. Many organizations know that it’s a good idea to get custom shirts made, they just don’t know exactly how impactful they will be. Thankfully there is data to back-up the idea that promotional shirts are a good investment. For those who don’t want to read, you can download an printable infographic here.


People Hang on to Promotional Shirts

If you pay attention as you walk around in public places you will see several people wearing promo shirts. In fact 44% of people own a promotional shirt, making it the second most common promotional item that people keep. On average people hang on to promo shirts for nearly 6 months, few advertising options have that long of an exposure life. That means that each person you give a shirt to will be reminded about your organization for about 6 months.

Of course, the time that a person hangs on to a shirt changes with different demographic groups. For example, men tend to keep promo shirts more than women do, 45% of men vs. 40% of women. We even see differences between different political groups, 40% of democrats say they own a promo shirt compared to 46% of independents and 41% of republicans. If your target group is between the ages of 31-34 you’ll find 48% of them keep promotional shirts. Latino consumers kept shirts more than any other group at 52%.

Shirts Provide Cost Effective Advertising

The exposure doesn’t end with the shirt’s owner. Each time that person wears your shirt they are increasing your exposure. In fact, each shirt you hand out will provide an average of 2,167 exposures. That means that over 2,000 people will see your message over the life of that shirt. That data by itself is pretty exciting but when you do the math, you’ll realize that the cost for each exposure averages out to 0.6 cents. That makes it one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available.

All promotional items are enjoying a rising trend of being passed along, including shirts. When a person in the USA is given a promotional item, like a logoed shirts, if they don’t want to keep it for themselves, 63% will pass it on to someone else. This means that the your shirt can be passed on until it reaches the person most likely to pay attention to the message. Can you think of another form of advertising that is so targeted?

Most Importantly, They Increase Sales

Maybe you’re the type of person that just wants to give things away, if so great, however most groups that use promotional items are doing so to increase the reach of their message. If you’re a company that means that you want to increase profits. Did you know that 38% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company who gave them a shirt than they would otherwise be. Shirts, like most promotional items, increase sales. They get your message out to the masses in a highly targeted manner.

All Shirts are NOT Created Equal

Unfortunately not all shirts produce the results mentioned above. One of the chief reasons for low performance from promotional shirts is poor design. Many groups simply slap their logo on the front and back and think that’s all they need. That approach rarely works well. At Mega Pro Screen Printing our sales team and designers can help you get the most bang for your buck. We’ll design an attractive shirt that will not only get noticed but will be proudly worn by your audience. Our shirts make an impression, they communicate a high level of market savvy and professionalism. Call us today to see what a promotional shirt can do for you.

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