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Benefits of Custom Screen Printing

Screen printing for Moapa ValleyYou’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to promoting your business, team or cause. You want to make sure that whatever you do, that it will accomplish what you want and can be done on your budget. Getting custom t-shirts made is a great option. Screen Printing has a long, great history and can be done on a budget, not to mention that it takes a relatively short amount of time to get it done. Mega Pro has been in the screen printing business providing custom t-shirts and much more for a long time. Our design team is second to none and our in house production delivers amazing results. A screen printed t-shirt from Mega Pro will certainly impress those you give them to. So what are the benefits of a custom screen printed shirt to you?

Tons of Design Options

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to designing for screen printing. Modern inks are highly versatile, including glow in the dark, high visibility, high contrast, puffy, metallic shades and more. Knowing all the options and how to employ them is one of our specialties. Our design team and production team work together to make sure each screen printed item we make will be perfect for our customers. We’ll advise you on which technologies and design options are best for your business’s goals as well as helping you keep within a reasonable budget.


We know that when you want to create a custom screen printed shirt that you have to consider more than just looks, you’ll also care about the price. Compared to some other options, screen printing is very affordable. We can even make the price better if needed by limiting the number of colors used on your shirt. In screen printing each color has to be applied as it’s own step, meaning that each shirt has to be go through the process once for each color on the final product. In other words, a three color design goes through the process three times. So while adding colors can make your shirt look even better, removing or consolidating colors can keep it looking good while making it less expensive.

Quick Turn-around


When you place an order we get to work to get it designed, produced and delivered quickly. Most orders can be delivered in under ten business days aftercustomer approval. We communicate with you each step of the way, from the sales person your work with to the designer. We want you to be happy with your custom shirt and work hard to create the perfect product.

People Love Well Designed Shirts

Did you know that 61% of people who were given a custom shirt said that their opinion of the company that gave it to them went up? That means that if you have shirts screen printed at Mega Pro and hand them out to your target advertising audience you will get a significant boost to your business. Each person you give a shirt to will then go out wearing the shirt, allowing even more of their peers to see your company’s message. The only catch is that the shirt has to be well designed, using some discount ink website will not give you the same impact as using Mega Pro.

Mega Pro Produces Custom Shirts Locally

You’ve heard the stats, money spent locally stays local. That means that when you support a local business, like Mega Pro, there will be more money kept in our economy to come back to your business. For a company, the only thing better than potential customers is potential customers that actually have money to spend. So let’s keep it local.

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