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Impact of Custom Hats

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Custom embroidered hats make a great gift for employees and customers alike. Recent studies on promo items showed hats to be a great giveaway item. You know your company, group or cause could use even more exposure, but you probably didn’t know how much a custom hat could do for you. The benefits are profound and long lasting.


 Hats are Considered Keepers


When you give a hat with your logo on it to someone there is an instant connection. Most people consider hats to be useful and see them as a valuable item. However, beyond the initial exposure you get from giving a custom hat, you get a lasting impression as well. On average people will keep a custom embroidered hat for six months. That means that a hat will last for an entire sports season, sales push or through most ad campaigns. That time frame provides about 3000 impressions for you.


Hats Appeal to a Wide Audience


About 19% of US consumers own a promotional hat. That’s a pretty good indicator of how liked hats can be. Like any other product hats perform better among some sectors than others. For example, among Gen Xers (those aged from 35-44) the percentage of hat ownership goes up to 23%. Men also appreciate promo hats more than women, owning 24% to 14% respectively. The biggest group to own custom hats though is those with incomes of over $100,000 per year, of that group 27% own promo hats.


So What Do Hats Do For You?


There are tons of choices available for advertising. All forms of advertising increase top of mind awareness among your target groups, but not all advertising actually increases the likelihood that someone will make a purchase from you afterwards. In surveys, 59% of people said that if they are given a custom hat they would have a higher opinion of the giver 29% said they would do business with a company that gave them a hat.


Why Order Custom Hats from Mega Pro


We’ve seen the reasons to order hats and give them away, but why come to Mega Pro instead of some discount web site? The majority of people surveyed stated that one of the main reasons for keeping a hat was the design. Our designers can design a hat that improves the impression people have of you company, group or cause. Our production standards are at the top of the industry, meaning that you will get a well made product that will last. Give us a call today to place your order and see the difference getting a hat from Mega Pro can make to your business.


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