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5 Tips to Make Your Uniform a Success

For many industries a uniform is standard issue. Many people underestimate the value a uniform can have on employee satisfaction and customer perception. Custom uniforms can be the perfect finishing touch to promote your cause or business. Here are some tips to making a uniform that works:

 Involve the people that will be wearing it. 

As the business owner or group organizer you need to have the final say on how your brand is going to be represented, however, getting the opinions of those on the “front lines” will certainly help. They may have suggestions on fabrics, cuts or functionality that will make wearing the uniform easier.

Make Sure it Builds Your Brand

Your brand is the way people perceive your company. Think about it this way, if a customer were to describe your company to another person who had never heard of you, the description they give is your brand. The uniform should reinforce the desired image, whether it’s playful, edgy, professional, comfortable or any other mood. Simply slapping your logo on the left breast of the shirt may not be the best solution. Consider the color, materials, the front and back of the shirt, the position of the person wearing the uniform and attitudes of your customers.

Get Employee Buy-in

Many people are against wearing a uniform, in many cases it’s because they have seen bad examples of how uniforms can be designed or used. If you have a great uniform some of the trepidation will be lessened. You should also explain why you require a uniform. Is it for employee unity? Is it for safety? Explain your brand and the uniform’s place in building that image.

Make a Statement

A message that isn’t heard is just a waste of time, and a uniform that is obscure or blends in too much is a waste of time and money. Be bold. Have a uniform designed that gets noticed for being a great addition to your message.

Don’t Scrimp on Design

Get a professional to help you design the uniform. Your image isn’t something you want to leave to an amateur.


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